Alana Maurushat

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

This course looks at issues in Big Data as a general theme, in addition to normative themes of surveillance in its relationship with security and democracy.  For the latter, the ethical hacking of Anonymous and the leaking of secret documents to Wikileaks will form the main two case studies for addressing this course. This course examines the use surveillance (the techniques of social control through the use of information technology) in both the public and private sectors, information privacy (or ‘data protection’) law and freedom of expression law as a response to security concerns. The pervasiveness of Internet use by business, government and citizens has surveillance, privacy protection, freedom of expression and security at the centre of the emerging information economy and information society. This subject examines surveillance, security and some of the underpinnings of democracy through the focus of these Australian laws, but also considers their place in an emerging international context.

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