Alana Maurushat

Research Grants

CRC grant of $25 million dollars for the Data to Decisions Centre for Big Data and National Security (  I am part of the law and policy group, a joint collaboration between UNSW and Deakin/La Trobe Universities, as well as with government agencies such as the AGD.  

Cybersecurity Centre Research Grant
With post doc Keiran Hardy
Data Matrix:  Mapping Data Set Obligations for Opening Datasets 

With David Vaile and Chris Connelly (2012)
Report: Drowning in Codes of Conduct: An analysis of codes of conduct applying to online activity in Australia (2012)

CAL Copyright Grant “Orphan Works”
With David Vaile, Cate Bond, and Chris Connelly
Report: Orphan Works (2011)

Research Grant:  RGC Project No: F-HK27/03T
France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme 2003-2004 (A competitive Hong Kong-wide research grant awarded by the UGC)
With Jean-Pierre Clavier (Faculty of Law, University of Nantes) and Alana Maurushat
Report: Nationally Implemented Internet Firewall Technology and Policy – A Comparative Legal Analysis of its Effects on Freedom of Expression (China and France) – Les Incidences des technologies de pare-feus et leurs politiques nationals sur la liberté d’expression (la Chine et la France)”

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